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Wire line Equipment
  Wire line Blow Out Preventer
Sparklet Wire line BOP( Blow out Preventer ) is positioned on top of the wellhead. It is designed to provide a positive seal and contain well pressure around stationary Wire line during well intervention operations.

Wire line BOP operated either manually or hydraulically are used to actuate rams into the bore of the valve and seal around the Wire line. The ram bodies are fitted with guides to align the wire into the inner seals. Guides and inner seals are dressed to suit the wire being deployed. Ram bodies also include outer seals, which seal between the ram body and the bore above. When the rams are positively closed, pressure is bleed off allowing safe access to the wire for fishing operations or to carry out repairs to the pressure control equipment above the valve. After the task has been completed and the integrity of the pressure control equipment has been confirmed, an equalizer valve, situated in the Wire line valve body, issued to equalize the pressure across the rams allowing them to be open.

Manual Blow Out Preventer

Hydraulic Blow Out Preventer

Type Single & Dual
Operate Manual & Hydraulic
Connection ACME Quick Union
Working Pressure Rating Upto 15000 psi
SIze 2 1/2" & 3"
Service H2S & Standard
  Lightweight Lubricators

The Sparklet Lightweight Lubricator offers an alternative to conventional threaded and integral lubricator sections. This design uses a special high strength material which provides a significant weight saving, making this type of lubricator easier and safer to handle.

The Sparklet Lightweight Lubricator consists of a lightweight, high yield strength tube with a quick union pin connection on top and a box connection at the bottom. The quick union connections are assembled to the tube by means of a specially designed threaded connection which incorporates both a primary ‘O’ ring seal and secondary (back up) metal-to- metal seal. Lock rings are used to secure the unions to the tube. Sparklet Lightweight Lubricator sections are normally supplied with bleed off ports. Sparklet Lightweight Lubricators not supplied with bleed off ports are used as upper lubricator sections or with Wire line valves that incorporate a bleed off port.

Connection ACME Quick Union
Inside Diameter 2 1/2" & 3
Length 4 Ft, , & Ft, 10 Ft
Working Pressure Rating 5000 PSI, 10000 PSI
SIze 2 1/2" & 3"
Service H2S & Standard

Lubricator Raiser
  Stuffing Box
The Sparklet Stuffing Box is positioned on top of the lubricator stack. It’s purpose is to seal and contain well pressure around a stationary or moving Wire line. The Wire line is passed over the sheave wheel and down through a series of packings in the body of the stuffing box. Upper and lower bushings are provided to guide the Wire line through the stack. To contain well pressure, the packing is tightened against the Wire line by means of a manually operated packing nut. The Stuffing Box also contains an integral blow out plunger which is designed to seat the well automatically in the event of the Wire line breaking and being forced out of the packings.

Unless otherwise specified by the client, all Sparklet Stuffing Boxes are supplied with brass internal components. The use of brass materials has been proven to extend the field life of all types of Wire line.

Types Manual & Hydraulic
Connections ACME Quick Union
Working Pressure Rating upto 1500 PSI
Service H2S & Standard
Wire line Size 0.092 " & 0.108
Sheave & Bracket Sub Assembly 8" and 16" heavy-duty sheave and bracket assemblies

Stuffing Box is available with following spares
  • Hay Pulley
  • Hydraulic Packing Nut
  • Sheaves & bracket

  Tool Trap
The Sparklet Tool Trap is positioned between the Wire line Blow Out Preventor and the lubricator. It is designed to trap Wire line tools within the surface pressure control equipment in the event of the tool string becoming detached from the Wire line at surface, and prevent the string from falling into the well.

When deploying tools into the well, the flapper is opened to allow the tool string to pass, then it is closed. As the string is retrieved, the flapper opens to allow it to pass through. The counter balance weight of the handle closes the flapper after the tool string is passed. This also provides the operator with a positive indication that the tool string is in the surface pressure control equipment.

Connection ACME Quick Union
Working Pressure Upto 10000 PSI
Sizes 2 ½” & 3”
Service H2S & Standard

  Well Head Flange Adaptor
The Sparklet Well Head Flange adapter assembly consists of an API flange quick union box adapter. Positioned on top of an API well head, the adapter is designed to provide a positive connection between the wellhead and surface pressure control equipment during well intervention operations.

Material Alloy Steel
Connection Standard API flanges
Acme Quick Union connections
Working Pressure Ratings Upto 15000 PSI
Sizes From 2 1/16” upwards
Service H2S & Standard